Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 5, 2012

Day 5: Soap Box Tirade…

I normally don’t post like this, but, this really got me fired up.  Earlier today I read this article:  (article was written by Jonathan Wall and video was by Michael  Christenson) and I am shocked.  Maybe shocked isn’t the right word?  Appalled?  Disgusted?  That we have young students showing such a blatant disrespect for other players and yes, the rules.  Not to mention the disrespect for their team mates.  I think the officials were blind or just didn’t know how to call these fouls.  I know one of them was called ‘holding’ – ummmm, no, there was no ‘holding’ going on!!

I am just very glad the boys that were knocked down were able to get back up.  I’ve been reading too many stories lately of players being paralyzed in some form.  The one that really makes me cringe is foul # 5.  Even now, just thinking about it, makes me cringe.  And the players who are responsible for these actions just acted like it was no big deal!!  And was there any form of punishment?  I know the coach is showing his support, but, really?  Condoning this kind of playing makes you just as guilty as the players themselves!!

Excuse me!!  But don’t call a player that is abusive to other players a ‘teddy bear’.  I don’t care how nice he is to your kid, a bully is a bully!!  These kids need to be benched until they can find manners and learn that knocking fellow players down is NOT the proper way to play ball.  Oh I know, accidents happen,but, this is just too many to be called accidents.  What if one of those kids have been seriously hurt?

Wow…let’s go back to Manners 101 shall we?


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