Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 3, 2012

Day 3!!

So, today is day three in the 31 day writing challenge – three days in a row!! Woot Woot!! I really should be working on my book but, I decided that if I didn’t write this now, I probably wouldn’t – but then, I am shorting myself a whole day of adventures that I could write about – wait, I’m working, not many adventures there!! This is kinda making me wish I was writing a story online – at least then I’d feel like I’ve accomplished something!! Well, other than meeting the challenge every day…lol

The only problem with writing a story online is that once it’s out there, it’s out there. I have often heard that it’s considered published. Shoot, I am not sure what I would write about anyways. Hopefully something good so I could keep it going!! I do have several friends that write fanfic and they put their writings up online and do have a following. I don’t write fanfic though. I was interested in trying my hand at manga. But as with everything else, I let life get in the way and then, well, nothing gets accomplished. That might be something for me to look into though, start some kind of story online and get a following and see what happens – might be kinda fun actually!! I have heard of writer’s who started something like this and then fell out of sight, leaving their readers in the lurch. Again, life does get in the way sometimes!!

I’m really not big on journal type writing. I used to keep a journal when I was younger and boy did that thing have secrets!! lol It’s kinda funny to re-read it now and see where I was ten – fifteen years ago. All those ‘problems’ I had back then that I was so wrapped up in. In retrospect, they don’t seem so bad now. I’m sure if I kept a daily journal now and re-read it in fifteen years I’d find some parts amusing. Then again, thinking about it now, keeping a journal isn’t such a bad idea. Some people have really horrid memories and if you keep a daily journal then you can go back and lose yourself in memories. Hopefully that wouldn’t be a bad thing!! Who knows what I am going to end up doing right now. Maybe I will start a journal again. Maybe I will think of a great story and write a chapter each month online. As long as I am writing, does it matter?



  1. Writing is writing, no matter what! A writer (can’t remember who) said she likes to write a grocery list when her mind is blank, simply to get her writing, thinking of words, etc. 🙂 Good luck!


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