Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 2, 2012

31 Day Writing Challenge…

So, a friend of mine started a 31 day writing challenge (hi Angela!!) – it’s supposed to help her creative side and push her to write. There is no word count or a set topic. She can write about anything that comes to her mind. The only catch? She has to write every day for 31 days. And she’s not just writing in a private journal. Oh no, she is putting this online. I thought that was a fantastic idea. Until I decided to try it myself. I wrote something yesterday but in hindsight, I really don’t like it, but, I’m not really motivated to go back and change it so I guess it’s stuck as is…lol…this does remind me of the Artist Way – I had discussed it with my writing group where you write in a journal first thing in the morning – for three months – again, I didn’t make it. Hhmmm….this doesn’t sound very promising.

I’m not very good at resolutions but I am very good at setting myself goals. They have to be realistic though. I thought losing 40 pounds in one month was realistic but, no, not really. So, I did lose 5 pounds in that month…sigh…only 35 more to go!! But aren’t goals kinda like resolutions? I mean, you set a resolution at the beginning of the year to lose weight, to stop eating chocolate or start exercising to lose weight. Well, I set goals to the exact same things, only I have added deadlines. Maybe it’s the WORD – Goals vs Resolutions – I dunno but I gotta admit, I don’t even like the word resolutions!!

I am very good at babbling too. I normally try to write only when I have something to say or share, but, this challenge isn’t about that. It’s about waking up my slumbering muse who has been hibernating and tends to laugh at me when I think I have a GREAT idea. Yeah, I can hear her laughing right now. Meanie!! Oh and why is it that my muse is a female? Does that mean that men aren’t creative? Or that *I* think men aren’t creative? No, not at all. My husband is very creative and I’ve known many guys that are. But, well, let’s get real…women are known for being – well, honestly only one word came to mind right then and it rhymes with witches but I don’t wanna type that word…lol…but, you get my point. So, fine, my muse is a female and boy is she!! She is very mean and very cruel. She’s known for leaving me high and dry in the beginning, middle and end of a writing lock-in. I didn’t want to speak to her for awhile after that episode!! Do I have a name for her? No, but that’s a great question – I need to come up with one other than ‘my muse’…don’t you agree? Since I seem to talk about her like she is a real person, it would only seem fair that she is named…oh sure, I can think of several names for her right now, but, well, I’m just being petty…lol…

Ok so seriously, I got sidetracked for a bit from writing this so I need to cut if off and post it or it WON’T be posted until…??? So I now have a new goal – for 31 one days I am going to write daily. Of course, I don’t expect to make it cause I do tend to get sidetracked and life gets in the way and yadda yadda yadda….we’ll see so stay tuned 🙂


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