Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | November 10, 2011

Anime Cons…

Sooooooo I took a HUGE jump out of my comfort zone this past weekend and right into a whole new world of Anime.  Oh sure, my daughter draws and watches and reads Anime and Manga and all that, but, I just smile and keep on going.  Well, BECAUSE of my daughter…lol…I decided to take her to the NekoCon that was in our area for the weekend.  I actually had every intention of my hubby taking her and I would enjoy a nice relaxing day home ALONE but, I decided, what the heck!  It would make for a great family day and I could take lots of pics and maybe do a write-up on it (here ya go!!).  What I did NOT expect was to totally have a blast.  To enjoy myself and wanna go back the NEXT day.  Well, while we were signing in on Saturday, it gave us options, Sat only, Sun only or all weekend.  I chose Sat Only and both, dd and dh, voiced their possible want of coming back.  So, ok, I was like ‘whatever’ and changed it so we got the really ‘cool’ badges with the NekoCon mascots on it.  Now, before I went to this Con, I did do a little research.  Found out, Neko meant ‘cat’ in Japanese (love it already) and that most people do in fact, dress up.  We are talking ALL types of people of ALL ages.  I had gotten dd a cat costume set from Hot Topic on Friday to surprise her (it included a tail, ears and palm mit) so she went as a modern Neko Girl and dh and I went dressed in jeans, t-shirts and comfy tennis shoes.

My head really felt like it was on a swivel.  I didn’t know what to look at first and I was trying to take it all in – can you say anime overload?!?!  …lol…  We found the dealer and artists room where there were tons of goodies to buy; from shirts, to costumes to jewelry and everything in between.  Of course, dd was seriously in ‘I want this I want this’ stage whenever she turned around…lol…I have to admit, for her very first Con, she didn’t do to bad!!  definitely have to control the ‘I want this’ at the next Con!!  Me, on the other hand, went totally childish when I came across a dealer that was selling cat ears, tails, collars, etc among his many fine things.  Ohhhh my!!  I HAD to have a set!!!  No, I did not NEED it, but I most definitely WANTED it!!  I picked out a long, soft black tail and red/black ears and felt like a member of the Anime world…lol…it’s amazing what two little items can do for you!!  Of course, dd pouted – my tail was softer and longer and BLACK while her’s was short and purple/pink/glittery…lol…  Still, for a start-up set, she couldn’t complain!!  So we wandered all over the convention center – upstairs and back downstairs.  Sooooo  many awesome costumes – if I had to pick a favorite – I would have to beg for more than one choice!!  I loved the full body Pikachu and the wolf furry and the cat from the musical CATS.  We got to watch a costume contest and there were so many different types of costumes – some people had really gone to the extreme on their costumes while others, not so much.  Some acted out a scene while others almost ran across the stage and some did their walk slowly, turning around, showing off their costume.

By the end of the day, dd was begging to come back up on Sunday – which we did and spent another day at the Con.  This time, hubby bought dd a long white tail and white/black ears and a leather/lace collar with a bell for me – LOVE it!!  Yep, I jingled all day…lol… I also ended up getting palm gloves so my transformation into a true Neko Girl was almost complete!!  DD went dressed like a school girl Neko – only with hip hugging jeans instead of a mini skirt.  DH spent the day wandering around the various vendors looking at the costumes, trying to figure out his costume which I think he’s finally decided on a SteamPunk type costume.  Sunday was a shorter day at the Con so we were home before dinner but for two days our conversations were nothing but costumes and Anime Cons – dh even registered us for Dragon*Con 2012!!  That one I had suggested us going back in the summer but neither seemed interested – now they both are looking forward to going!!  So am I!!  Not only do I get to go to an awesome Con – in Atlanta!!  I also get to meet several friends that are going to be there as well!!  Totally awesome!!!  Now, time to get down to business…we only have a year to get our costumes ready!!


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