Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | October 21, 2011

Naming those Inner Voices…

The other day I was driving back from lunch with several co-workers and we were talking about working out and how hard it is to stay motivated and to stay on track.  I told her about my walking every day and my goal for losing more weight and was thinking of joining Curves.  Of course, this is the same co-worker that suggested Curves to me a YEAR ago…ha ha…anyways…

So she informs me that she recently joined Curves again.  That she had lost a lot weight way back when with just going to Curves.  She described to me the night that she made the decision and how her inner voices had been talking to her, making suggestions and fighting her on this, to her, important decision.  She said she had been in bed trying to sleep and had gotten frustrated with her inner voices and proceeded to name them.

Excuse me?  Did you just admit to naming your inner voices??  Wait a second while I call the insane department!!  Of course I looked at her like she had two heads and repeated her words back to her ‘you named your inner voices?’

Oh, btw, one of the co workers with us was a male so needless to say, the look on his face was even more priceless than mine!!  She laughed and tried to escape into the bathroom, but well, yes, I followed her – no, the male co-worker did not follow us…lol

I had to know the rest of the story so I prompted her to finish.  She was lying in bed one night, going over how she makes promises and great resolutions to change her life, lose weight, etc and there was this one inner voice that kept nagging her about losing weight – so she named it ‘Fatty Patty’.  Yes, that’s right, ‘Fatty Patty’.  I had to laugh.  Sorry, but I did.  This particular co-worker is beautiful, successful and strong.  To hear her say she has fights with her inner voices was just downright ludicrous to me.  That she actually named that inner voice was beyond hilarious to me.

I got back to my desk and started thinking.  Honestly, yes, I too have that annoying inner voice that tries to sabotage my workouts.  (yes, I secretly have more inner voices, shhhhhh)  But, don’t we all?  How many times have you gone to work out and just didn’t feel like it and that inner voice pops up ‘oh just go back to sleep, who will know you missed one day?’  Then that one day turns into two days and then a week and then a month and soon enough, you’ve given up on working out.  I’ve made so many of those resolutions myself that the thought of putting a name to those pesky inner voices and calling them out when they try to sabotage me started to make sense!!

So to Fatty Patty and all the other inner voices in my head – BRING IT!!


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