Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | September 28, 2011

DJ Tiesto Concert…

Soooo last week I stepped outside my normal routine and yes, comfort zone and went with my hubby and teen daughter to a concert put on by well-known DJ Tiesto (he plays trance techno music).  With him was DJ Kevin Focus and DJ Porter Robinson.  WOW – DJ Porter Robinson is only 19 years old?!?!  WOW!!  Ok, sorry, got sidetracked!!  I had heard of DJ Tiesto from my hubby who was just gaga over his music and when the tickets became available, oh yes, we indeed got tickets.  Again, I had heard of this DJ – I had not listened to his music – not that I can recall and I’m thinking as I type this, but, no, I do believe I would have remembered his music – it’s most definatley memorable!

The concert was held at the Norfolk Scope and we got there a little early to get inside and get drinks, t-shirts, etc, you know, the normal pre-concert stuff and well, let’s just say, that didn’t happen.  We had to wait outside until 7pm when the entire crowd was then told to go downstairs to the garage area and WOW – the line was LONG.  I don’t believe I have ever had a full pat down for a concert before – it was rather, um, interesting – at least it was for my teen daughter who had NEVER had a pat down before!!  She did great, of course, keep in mind that said teen daughter is like any other normal teen in this day and age of computers and endless text messages – how dare we rip her from her own normal evening routine of endless texting and gaming to go to a concert that well, she wasn’t interested in!!  Yes, I am a mean mom!!  ha ha…although, hey, I did get her a t-shirt!!!  So, they split us into lines – boys down this way and girls down the other – must say I was surprised there were more guys than girls at this concert and after we waited for almost 10 minutes for hubby to come thru the door and pat down, we made our way thru the endless sea of skater boys and barely dressed girls to the entrance and I have to admit, even I had a moment of excitement as I stepped thru the curtain into the arena.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  IT”S A CONCERT!!!! 

My teen even smiled as she went thru the curtain – but then, maybe that was because she saw the drink and food stand!!  After we got drinks and t-shirts, we found our seats but I didn’t feel like sitting.  I love to people watch and I went down to the pit area – needless to say, the entertainment wasn’t just on the stage.  DJ Focus came on stage shortly after we got there and started his set – not bad, at that point, I could still hear myself think!!  My daughter joined me on the floor and between shaking our hips 🙂 and getting our hair in our faces, we saw some of the most interestingly dressed people!!  There was one guy dressed in Indian wear. He had three long feathers tucked in a band around his head.  Two girls (that I saw) had their hair done up with some kind of neon colored ribbon – instead of their hair, all you could see was long neon colored curls.  Their outfits matched the ribbons!!  Pink and yellow neon on one girl and the other girl wore black and blue.  Some of the girls had these really cute furry looking boots on – I want a pair!! Oh and of course, let’s not forget, the young guy who had a Pikachu backpack on!!  LOVED IT!!  Want one!!  There were endless mini skirts, bikini tops, short dresses that covered very little and showed a lot – oh and then of course, the shirtless guys!!  Now, I have to admit, they looked very nice shirtless  🙂   I even saw a young guy with a furry animal hat on and had a matching tail!! 

After DJ Kevin Focus, DJ Porter Robinson came on the stage and started his set.  I have to admit, had I known that there would have been two sets before DJ Tiesto, I would have sat and saved my energy.  So, with that said, by the time DJ Tiesto finally came on stage – it was about 10pm and I was still amped up but, definately feeling the adrenaline leaving.  I was caught up in the music that seemed to have gotten louder with Tiesto on the stage and the endless arms reaching for the sky and the bodies jumping around like well, jumping beans!!  There were quite a few of us sitting but our heads and feet were still tapping to the beat.  For someone not familiar with the music being played, I was totally impressed and yes, I even liked it.  All three DJ’s put on a great show and at least with me, got one new fan last night.




  1. My daughter is 19 and has friends who are into mixing music. This summer she had one friend come over to do his thing while others danced in our basement. We called it The Trina Lambert Dance Party (a la Janet Reno Dance Party from Saturday Night Live) because I promised Wade I would come dance, too, if he’d play his stuff at our house. Yes, I am that nerd mom who is now pictured on Facebook dancing with the kids!


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