Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | September 8, 2011

Walking Today…

So this morning I decided to walk a different path – one I hadn’t walked in several years.  I wasn’t sure I could do it, but, I have been walking 2 miles every day so I figured I should at least try it.  Yeah, as I’m typing this, my legs are still throbbing and I’m wondering just how crazy I have become!!  I’m really not very sure how long it was, I know it used to be just shy of 3 miles, but, I added some extra distance this morning so, maybe…3.5 miles??  I’ll find out tomorrow when I wear my pedometer.  My goal is to get up to 5 miles a day.  Yep, me…walking 5 miles a day.  ha!!!  Yeah, I know, I must be crazy!!

As I was walking this morning, the path lead around a decent sized lake and the view was specatular.  Aside from the sunrise which was gorgeous itself, the sunlight shimmered across the water and the various wildlife birds were entertaining as they swooped down towards the water and then back up again.  They weren’t in any real flying formation, they were just out for a morning fly 🙂

There weren’t a lot of people out walking the park this morning.  Normally when I walk thru the neighborhood it’s pretty quiet aside from my own music.  Oh and the occasional dog barking as I go past their fence…lol…  This morning there were no dogs barking at me as I walked and the few people I did pass nodded their heads or smiled.  Almost everyone I passed had earphones.  Most were like me, by themselves, one or two had a companion with them.  I enjoy having someone walk with me.  It motivates me to keep going and usually it’s my daughter that walks with me and sometimes I have to motivate her to keep going!!  lol I can remember the first time I walked the park – I thought I was going to die!!  Shoot, I remember the first time I decided to start walking period and could barely make it down the street!!  I would come home with my calf muscles swollen and I could barely walk the rest of the day!!  Now, look at me.  Walking at least 2 miles a day and trying to extend it!!

Who knows, maybe by the end of the year I will hit my goal of 5 miles a day!!



  1. Good for you! I’m glad you enjoyed not only the exercise but were able to see life happening around you. I hope to one day do the same.


  2. Wow! That’s quite an accomplishment. Good for you. Walking around the lake sounds lovely. Keep up the good work.


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