Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | August 16, 2011

Party Invites…

I’m very curious about something…my daughter received a text message invite from a friend last month for a birthday party.  There was no date included, so we made vacation plans.  Yep, you guessed it; the weekend she was out-of-town was the same weekend as the birthday party.  We did get a gift because she did ‘invite’ my daughter (mainly because I like her…lol) but, an invite woulda helped prevent any miscommunications!!

So, just a little while ago, my daughter tells me she got another invite to a birthday party.  This time, the invite came thru on Facebook.  And again, no set date – well, it did say ‘Saturday’ but which Saturday?  This Saturday?  Next Saturday??  Oh and WHAT time??

Have the times changed that much that, we as a group have gotten so caught up in texts and im’s and messages that we have stopped taking a second and putting out handwritten notes or cards?  That is a shame.  I love decorating invites and I love to receive them.  Invites always showed a person’s personality and not to mention the ability to put invites in scrapbooks!!  When my dd had her sweet 16 party I gave a month notice and they were on teen approved 🙂 paper invites.

Flip side, I do get the cost part as well.  So, put that into the mix and I can see how sending a media type invite might make more sense.  I mean, who wouldn’t rather spend five minutes sending out a media type invite as opposed to thirty minutes working on paper invites.  Not to mention the money saved by sending media type invites could be spent on a way cooler present or more fun stuff .

Having said that, and yes, I do see both sides to the story, I have to admit, I will probably keep sending paper invites simply because I enjoy doing invites that way 🙂 Although, I will admit, I do utilize verbal or phone calls as ways to invite for small gatherings or bbq’s…lol

So, how do you invite??


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