Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | August 11, 2011

Wait…Don’t hit ‘Send’ yet!!

So I’m sitting here today, multi tasking. Yay for me 🙂 I’m reading emails and responding to requests and what not and then I get an email from a friend. She’s not in my address book so I try and add her. The stupid auto email program kicks it back to me and starts adding email addresses under the ‘cc’ section of the email I am trying to send to her. Why can’t it just send to whomever I put under the ‘to’ box instead of making things so complicated?? Well anyways, I had hit ‘send’ before noticing there were several email addresses under the ‘cc’ section. So now I have people getting my personal email addy and not to mention a personal email!! ARGH!! Seriously, next time, just hit ‘reply’ and be done with it!!! Wait for a clear screen before trying to add anything to your address book!! If it doesn’t like how you have done it, it will kick it back to you and screw up any emails you have waiting – very dangerous thing to do I might add!! You should always take great caution in sending emails and make sure you double check the ‘to’ box!!! Oh especially if you are mad and wrote a nasty gram – definitely check twice prior to hitting the ‘send’ button!! In fact, I’d suggest sleeping on a nasty gram!!!


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